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I finally get it!

I've been into personal development for as long as I can remember, in one form or another. It started with the odd self-help book and then moving onto biographies of successful businessmen like Richard Branson and people that left a legacy in the world such as Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. They were all amazing reads and really inspiring.

Then of course came youtube with its plethora of videos and all the gurus and motivational speakers out there vying for our attention. Again, many very interesting and inspiring stories and strategies out there, along with a dramatic soundtrack to really grab your attention. It was easy once you started watching one, to drift into watching another and wondering where half the day had gone.

I started to get into Tony Robbins around this time and was fortunate enough to attend one of his events over 3 days, which was really intense and full-on, but I loved it, culminating in us all walking over hot coals. I bought some of his DVD programs too, again all great in their own right.

I remember hearing Tony Robbins, as well as many other coaches, saying, you think you want more money, a sports car, a house etc, but what you're really looking for is meaning, happiness and fulfilment. "You can change how you feel in an instant", "you can create your own reality". I remember those words so well. They held so much promise and sounded amazing, but I just didn't get how that was possible.

I'm not ashamed to say I didn't make sense of that for over ten years after first hearing it. I heard the words, but in my real, everyday life they just didn't seem to make sense. So I just put it down to the same thing as reading about other people's amazing achievements. Knowing some of the stories of how one of your heroes achieved something, doesn't mean you can replicate it unless you've had exactly the same circumstances as the hero in question.

So they were nice, fluffy, sometimes gritty and inspiring stories, but that's all they ever seemed to me.

I started my coaching practice in 2020 and loved seeing people achieve more than they thought possible, it was a life long dream, finally becoming a reality. Then late last year I enrolled on a course, it was virtual (pretty much like everything in 2020). Straight away it started blowing my mind, for the very first time, I could see how we already create the reality we live in and how we could change how we feel in an instant.

The difference was, this wasn't just telling me I could do it, and leaving me wondering how, instead, there were metaphors and analogies which came to life for me and made everything finally make sense. I had realisations and insights which finally helped things fall in to place. For the first time, I actually felt truly empowered and like life would only get better as my understanding grew.

I feel like life can pretty much throw anything at me it wants to and I know I'll be OK and even better than that, I know I can be more present in the moment. Life just seems to flow much smoother and I feel much more relaxed and happy.

The first client of mine that I explained this understanding to, told me just the other day, how much difference it had made to her life and that I really need to shout about it, so as many people get this understanding as possible.

Well here's me shouting about it. This understanding is called my Awakening programme, which I am convinced will change your relationship with yourself and the world around you. I'm on a mission to share this understanding with as many people as possible as it will truly make the world a better place, the more that know about this.

Best wishes


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